Custom Corporate Programs

Effective, successful, leaders are required to produce more than just results; they are required to be strategic, to possess high integrity, assess complex situations, and communicate clearly.  Therefore, leaders require, among other skills, the skill of mindfulness. 

The practice of mindfulness provides leaders with the capacity to establish context when dealing with ever-present uncertainty and complexity.  It encourages intentional, thoughtful choices in a prevailing fast-paced environment.  It helps break harmful patterns of behavior and thought that negatively affect self-esteem, relationships and productivity.  It encourages empathy and compassion which promotes understanding, cooperation and collaboration.  It provides the required pause for well-being. 

Mindful Leadership in Practice (Corporate Program)
This custom program will help the individual leader or teams put mindfulness in practice while addressing the organization's unique needs.  Programs can be a combination of workshops, individual and group coaching as well as ongoing mindfulness practice. 

Please schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call with Rita.

During this phone-call, we will:

  1. Introduce ourselves to each other.
  2. Review the Deva Seed process.
  3. Decide how we want to proceed.