Deva Seed offers multi-week Mindful Leadership programs; we are also available for speaking and hosting group workshops.


Why multiple weeks for our Mindful Leadership programs?  Learning how to practice mindfulness is not accomplished overnight, nor even in a few days. Studying mindfulness is akin to developing a new habit -- it takes time to achieve. Our multi-week programs ensures that you stay committed to learning this critical leadership skill.  

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Practice the pause; it will help you stay focused, engaged and productive.

You can practice it anytime and anywhere. 

You don't have to wait for the perfect moment. You just practice. 

You are practicing staying in the moment. 

You are practicing staying silent. 

You are practicing observing your experience moment-by-moment. 

You are allowing your experience to be as it is moment-by-moment. 

You are intentionally choosing your response to your experience.

Make an investment in you and your team to learn how.  

Bring your curiosity with you and let's explore mindfulness together!  

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