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​​​​Rita was an insightful and astute adviser who has helped me change my life for the better. She has a calming presence and wisdom that I very much appreciate.  It makes learning easier when one has a great deal of respect for the teacher!  I also appreciated the spirited debate around my (many) questions; Rita's patience and willingness to explore were very impressive.

I have successfully achieved two goals: practicing my sitting meditation every day, and incorporating mindfulness into additional aspects of my everyday life.  I believe this has changed my leadership style both at work and at home; I am feeling more present in my interactions, and gaining awareness when my mind becomes distracted.  I am also making an effort to experience more gratitude throughout my life. 
~Chris, CEO, Healthcare Company

I was feeling overwhelmed, scattered, a bit lost, anxious and chomping at the bit for something to change. The program (and daily practice) helped to ground me, lighten the anxiousness that had stalled me, cleared some of the muddiness in my thinking and helped me to feel more connected to who I am and what I want. The program also reinforced that I do have a "process" and that that process is unique, valuable and ok!  

I absolutely loved working with Rita. I greatly appreciated the thoughtfulness behind how Rita structured the program as well as her incredible compassion and gentleness in working with me when I wandered and took some detours along the way! It is so cliche but Rita truly did meet me where I was...with no judgment. Rita met my resistance with empathy and my muddled thoughts with patience. She let me wander but always brought me back to the purpose and the process. My favorite aspect of the program were our conversations. I clearly need to talk things out and have some processing time...our conversations were cathartic, illuminating and hugely helpful.​ 
~Ali, Executive Director, Mayer-Phillips Foundation


I was feeling crazy busy as I had just wrapped up a launch and was headed into two weeks of training with my coach, amidst the "beginning of year" busy-ness.  Rita is a talented teacher and guide in the world of mindfulness.  She is a calming and wise being, and helps me slow down.  Over the past year of working with Rita, I have learned more about my own rhythm and how much I really love to make space for mindfulness in my life. I have learned that I'm more productive in my life when I am making mindfulness space. 

~Kami (Entrepreneur)


​It was a super busy start to the year with a lot of balls in the air.  I was excited to try and slow life down, and improve my focus.  I tried to keep pretty open minded about it as I had never done a program like this before.  It gave me useful information, tools, tips and most importantly for me, reminders to pause and practice.  I feel calm and more in control.
~Matthew (Entrepreneur)

​​​I feel less reactive and emotional about different perspectives or approaches; thinking back to when I had signed up, I was feeling rushed, feeling dismissed  and undervalued.  Working with Rita was time well spent being thoughtful, slowing down, reflecting, and then, being curious about thoughts and feelings.  

As for what I enjoyed, I liked it all...the discussion and the summary emails really helped bring things into focus.

Karen, President and COO, Accruit


Over a period of 5 months I saw improvements in every facet of my life. My perspective changed and I learned to be mindful of my thoughts and behavior -- and to use that to change my behavior. Those behavior changes resulted in a calmer, and more aware me.  I was able adjust my habits and style in a way that made things less stressful, less exhausting, and less jumbled.

I liked the evolution of the program; I feel like we did it just right so that the program changed with me as my needs and understanding changed. The regular (but non-invasive) email communications were great to keep me on track between meetings.

~Lynn, Owner, Baby Doe's Clothing

When I signed up to work with Rita, my organizations were in a state of constant change (flux), personnel crisis and quite often, employees were putting out fires due to a lack of structure, and focus.  I was at the end of my emotional tolerance and this opportunity to work with Rita could not have come at a better time.  

The program with Rita benefited me in that I realized the harder I ran, the more I drove the businesses and the employees and the less work and *detailed* work was getting completed. What Rita helped me understand is that if I slowed down and became a more mindful leader, others would slow down and actually increase output, detail, minimize crises and overall, create a much more enjoyable environment for all employees — as well as for myself. 

What I enjoyed most about this program was the learning and the changes that I went through -- and continue to work on. I also enjoyed watching how the changes in my interactions and leadership can change individuals and the organization.  

~Chad, President and CEO, Family of Companies:  Relevant Play, Capital 2 Thrive, Authentic Labs and Rocks 122

​​​Rita has taught me precious tools to work with every day concerning stress and anxiety. I am so much more aware of my body, my breathing and my feelings and how to shift those things that are no longer serving me.  She can help change ones life with her beautiful mindfulness program!  
~Jodi, Founder, Jodi Holman Image Consulting

The group program benefitted me because it was a reminder to be mindful. It is so easy to get caught up on day to day activities and it is hard to stay focused and present in the moment.  Rita is great. She sends regular emails to remind you to be mindful and to relax. It is nice getting these emails to remind you to slow down.  
~Kim (High Tech Leader)

The goal of the presentation was enhancing leadership skills.  I believe the biggest thing that most people walked away with was the idea of pausing before responding: pausing helps in so many ways…from preventing you from saying something that you could regret to making sure that you actually answer the question being asked. In a highly technical environment, it is very easy to get lost in the numbers, so it is a great skill to be able to take a second and step back to see the bigger picture.
~Nish, Employee Resource Group Board Member, Northrop Grumman

Rita was great to work with.She was extremely professional and prompt in her responses. She went above and beyond to understand the audience and cater her workshop accordingly. The workshop gave a different yet very applicable (if not more applicable) look into what makes a great leader:  mindfulness. We always hear about all these external qualities of a leader, yet very rarely do we hear about this internal one.
~Eshani, Employee Resource Group Board Member, Northrop Grumman

In this presentation, I learned how to incorporate mindfulness to manage life and work. The presentation helped me to understand when to pause, think and focus in order to improve performance with mindfulness.

~Xiaorong, Quality Engineer, Northrop Grumman

It was a great presentation that helped us think about how mindfulness helps with communication and creating stronger relationships between team members-which in turn helps us work better together, building trust, and overall benefitting the organization as a whole. We are launching our own leadership program so this was great to have us talk about how we can be better leaders by developing more empathy and awareness because we are all connected to one another.  We're not alone and it was a great reminder that we all can take compassionate actions to support one another.  
~Sharon, Women in Technology Employee Resource Group, FirstBank

The goal of the presentation was promoting self-care and mindfulness.  The members of my organization  learned the importance of active listening.  It was beneficial that the presentation showed that we all struggle with some of the same issues, no matter what our role in the company.  
~Amy,  Business Analyst, FirstBank

Rita's workshop will provide any leader with a new level of awareness, and provide them with the appropriate tools to navigate the complex dynamics and various stress levels they may experience in one work day. Her work helps create space with eyes of detachment from the actual event or situation, and the feelings/emotions and thoughts it may trigger. This ultimately makes us more effective and compassionate in our leadership and life roles. ~Ashley, CEO/Sustainable Health Practitioner, ASH LTD.

Just hands down perfect, pragmatic approach that could be understood and used. ~Carolyn, CCO

Rita highlighted the importance of taking care of yourself and the importance of a self-aware mindset. Learned several techniques to take mental breaks and how to ground yourself and engage with the the different thoughts that occur throughout the day. ~Sam, Associate

Excellent experience. Life moves fast but it's important to take care of ourselves and take a step back from the daily grind. ~Jake, Associate 

I absolutely loved it! It gave me a lot to think about when taking care of my brain while at work.  More time...we needed more time with you! ~Terri, Office Manager

Before the event, Rita was very responsive and outlined everything that we could expect. The actual event was the perfect thing to get everyone in the mindset for strategic planning later in the day.~Kristi, Senior Counselor 

​CIG Corporate Retreat

Rita led a workshop on practicing mindful leadership for a group of corporate women's network leaders, and the discussion that she facilitated and tools and tips that she shared were invaluable.  Rita is able to drive high levels of engagement from participants and inspire action and positive change through her presentation style.  All individuals and organizations can benefit from learning the art of mindful leadership!

~Monica, COO, Technology Industry 

The day after attending one of Rita's workshops, I had to organize a company meeting,  a situation that usually fills me with anxiety.  As the set-up was happening, my boss came over to see how I was doing.  When noticing how calm I was, he asked " Are you on medication?" (joking, of course).  My response was "No, I'm practicing mindfulness!" Because I was.  And it helps!  That is what working with Rita is like.  She is inspiring, generous, educational and meaningful!  
~Mary (High Tech Professional)

​I found the importance of starting my day in stillness...if anyone has the opportunity to work with Rita, jump on it. 
~Patsy (Healthcare Professional) 

The biggest take away for us is incorporating moments of silence and stillness into our day. We pack our kids days very full and it was awesome to see the change in the kids with just a few moments of silence.  Rita was super professional and fit our very specific needs of doing a 45 minute workshop with grades 6 through 9. It was nice that Rita gave out her plan beforehand and was flexible when she came to St. Mary's. The kids were engaged and followed her directions well.  We loved kicking off our summer with mindfulness and gratitude.  Rita helped frame our summer theme of "Attitude of Gratitude".  

~Barbara, Director of Student Services, The Challenge Foundation