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​Lead in the Moment; A Practice to Lead From Within™

Because a leader’s behavior, actions and thought processes set the standard for people’s values within an organization, it’s critical to develop self-awareness to help them monitor and regulate their own behavior. 

Mindfulness—both the formal practice of meditation and the moment-to-moment life application--teaches them to be resilient. It reframes their thoughts toward positivity and productivity, and develops a sense of empathy, curiosity and compassion for their team.

​​​​Mindful Leadership


Are any of these challenges part of your daily clutter?

  • A full day of conflicting meetings, challenges, distractions and lacking clarity?
  • Emotional knee-jerk reactions toward your colleagues that you wish you could stop?
  •  Striving to keep your team focused and productive in a hectic work environment?
  • Building a corporate culture beyond statements put down on paper?
  • Laboring to stay innovative in a competitive market place?
  • Aiming for operational excellence and high customer satisfaction?  

Then, this is where your journey with Mindful Leadership begins! 

Mindfulness provides a way to pause and give full attention to what is most important at any given moment in time, encouraging thoughtful and intentional choices; this is achieved through developing non-judgmental awareness of your experience (of yourself and the world around you).  Practicing mindfulness helps business leaders like you be attentive to and even reduce your workplace stress​.

Deva Seed’s method allows you to work at your own pace, with our attentive guidance to help you stay focused and energized. We provide you with the tools, space and experience to help you become an effective, successful and fulfilled business leader.