Practice the pause; it will help you stay focused, engaged and productive.

You can practice it anytime and anywhere.

You don't have to wait for the perfect moment. You just practice.

You are practicing staying in the moment.

You are practicing staying silent.

You are practicing observing your experience moment-by-moment.

You are allowing your experience to be as it is moment-by-moment.

You are intentionally choosing your response to your experience. 

In gratitude,


Rita grew up in a house amidst mangoes, cashew trees, bougainvillea bushes and rice fields in Southern India. As a child, she observed the cows meandering among the shops and watched her father meditate every morning. He worked for the United Nations, which made for a very international youth. 

When Rita left India for the U.S. after high school, her goal was to become a company CEO. Rita earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Indiana University and in computer and information science from Purdue.  She was poised for the American dream.

Eighteen years of technological leadership roles (operations, engineering, program management) later, the suffering and emotional exhaustion in corporate America hit Rita hard. She could feel the lack of authenticity, self-awareness and space. 

Conforming to a corporate communication style and a male-dominated culture was stifling. With more than a decade of meditative practice, and formal authenticity training from Naropa University, she realized that her own mindfulness helped her manage daily office life and actually improved her performance as a leader. 

Coming full circle back to the cultural simplicity of Rita's roots, she knew she was called to help business leaders create space for a consciousness that sharpens their leadership of both people and organizations. That’s when she formed Deva Seed.  

Rita lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband Phil. Oat-milk splashed coffee and walking her Miniature Pinscher Oliver is her morning ritual. Rita meditates often. She can’t parallel park to save her life. Rita immerses herself in the American culture she missed in her childhood by watching old TV shows like the Brady Bunch and Leave it To Beaver -- thanks to Phil!

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Whether you want to work with us as a private client,  or to train your  leadership team or  support your employees, we can help!                 

A Note From Rita

Our Vision

About Rita

Leadership Transformation

Running a business is not easy.  External demands and pressures on leaders are extreme.  With Deva Seed, you will learn solutions that provide a solid internal foundation for leaders to effectively and successfully meet these external needs without sacrificing their own.

Our Goal

Our goal is to transform how leaders live and lead so that they can continue to be high-achievers without sacrificing their well-being and performance.

Organizational ROI

With the Deva Seed foundation, it becomes possible for leaders to successfully and effectively move outwards towards the circles of influence — and to avoid organizational issues; it becomes possible to focus on values and purpose creating inclusive environments for employees.       

Rita Devassy

Founder and CEO

The Deva Seed mission is to create a new era of business leaders who believe that self-inquiry, generosity, and compassion are required hallmarks of an effective, successful leader.