Take a listen to Deva Seed client, Chris sharing deep insights and expert advice on how he does it.


High Stress Environment? 

Monica is the high-performing, successful COO of a technology association. Monica is no stranger to a heavy workload while at the same time trying to blend in a meaningful personal life. Monica challenges leaders to consider "Living your best life now."

Take a listen to Deva Seed client Monica share her wisdom on how she makes it all work! 

Intense Work Load?

Dissolve stress without sacrificing well-being or performance. This is ideal for the high achieving, forward-thinking, successful leaders. 


Paige is the ultra successful CEO and founder of Point Solutions Groupβ€”but getting here wasn’t easy and she has deliberately found ways to handle the intense pressures she faces as an entrepreneur, CEO and mom. Paige encourages leaders to "do something that is uncomfortable...go for it...and be open."

Take a listen to Deva Seed client Paige share her experiences.

Coaching Client Testimonial

Rita was an insightful and astute adviser who has helped me change my life for the better. She has a calming presence and wisdom that I very much appreciate.  It makes learning easier when one has a great deal of respect for the teacher!  I also appreciated the spirited debate around my (many) questions; Rita's patience and willingness to explore were very impressive.

I believe this has changed my leadership style both at work and at home; I am feeling more present in my interactions, and gaining awareness when my mind becomes distracted.  I am also making an effort to experience more gratitude throughout my life.

~Chris, CEO, Healthcare Company

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Intimidating Goals?

Speaking Client Testimonial


It was a great presentation that helped us think about how mindfulness helps with communication and creating stronger relationships between team members-which in turn helps us work better together, building trust, and overall benefitting the organization as a whole. 

~Sharon, Women in Technology Employee Resource Group, FirstBank


Mindfulness provides a way to pause and give full attention to what is most important at any given moment in time, encouraging thoughtful and intentional choices; this is achieved through developing non-judgmental awareness of your experience (of yourself and the world around you).  Practicing mindfulness helps business leaders like you be attentive to and even reduce your workplace stress .

Deva Seed’s method allows you to work at your own pace, with our attentive guidance to help you stay focused and energized. We provide you with the tools, space and experience to help you become an effective, successful and fulfilled business leader.

Inform your professional audience about mindfulness in the workplace. Or set the tone for your strategy sessions or leadership development programs by including a mindful leadership presentation.

Chris is a dynamic leader in the complex and demanding world of telecommunications. Staying calm under pressures is no easy task. Chris wisely advises that "Life is as difficult as you make it."

Coaching Client Testimonial

I feel less reactive and emotional about different perspectives or approaches; thinking back to when I had signed up, I was feeling rushed, feeling dismissed  and undervalued.  Working with Rita was time well spent being thoughtful, slowing down, reflecting, and then, being curious about thoughts and feelings.  

As for what I enjoyed, I liked it all...the discussion and the summary emails really helped bring things into focus. 

~Karen, President and COO, Accruit​

Deva Seed


Speaking Client Testimonial

Just hands down perfect, pragmatic approach that could be understood and used.

~Carolyn, CCO, CIG

Before the event, Rita was very responsive and outlined everything that we could expect. The actual event was the perfect thing to get everyone in the mindset for strategic planning later in the day.

~Kristi, Senior Counselor, CIG