When I signed up to work with Rita, my organizations were in a state of constant flux, personnel crisis and quite often, employees were putting out fires due to a lack of structure, and focus. I was at the end of my emotional tolerance and this opportunity to work with Rita could not have come at a better time.  

The program with Rita benefited me in that I realized the harder I ran, the more I drove the businesses and the employees and the less work and *detailed* work was getting completed. What Rita helped me understand is that if I slowed down, others would slow down and actually increase output, detail, minimize crises and overall, create a much more enjoyable environment for all employees — as well as for myself.
~Chad, President and CEO, Family of Companies:  Relevant Play, Capital 2 Thrive, Authentic Labs and Rocks 122

I was feeling overwhelmed, scattered, a bit lost, anxious and chomping at the bit for something to change.  I absolutely loved working with Rita. I greatly appreciated the thoughtfulness behind how Rita structured the program as well as her incredible compassion and gentleness in working with me when I wandered and took some detours along the way! It is so cliche but Rita truly did meet me where I was...with no judgment. Rita met my resistance with empathy and my muddled thoughts with patience. She let me wander but always brought me back to the purpose and the process. My favorite aspect of the program were our conversations; they were cathartic, illuminating and hugely helpful.

 ~Ali, Executive Director, Mayer-Phillips Foundation

Leadership Coaching

Customize For Your Company

Over a period of months I saw improvements in every facet of my life. My perspective changed and I learned to be mindful of my thoughts and behavior -- and to use that to change my behavior. Those behavior changes resulted in a calmer, and more aware me.  I was able adjust my habits and style in a way that made things less stressful, less exhausting, and less jumbled.

​I liked the evolution of the program; I feel like we did it just right so that the program changed with me as my needs and understanding changed. The regular (but non-invasive) email communications were great to keep me on track between meetings. 

~Lynn, Owner, Baby Doe's Clothing

The mindfulness coaching program, Evolve the Leader Within™, is an multiple-week program. It will:

  • prompt you to tune out distractions and create space for clarity, focus and improved productivity.
  • encourage you to genuinely lead by example, guided by high standards of self-awareness.
  • provide you with a self-monitoring capability in communication and relationships that inspires thoughtful responses instead of emotional reactions.
  • help you intentionally shift attention, thus enhancing decision-making and creative capabilities.
  • motivate you to pause for your own well-being.

Program Description

Rita has taught me precious tools to work with every day concerning stress and anxiety. I am so much more aware of my body, my breathing and my feelings and how to shift those things that are no longer serving me.  She can help change ones life with her beautiful mindfulness program!  

~Jodi, Founder, Jodi Holman Image Consulting

Deva Seed programs help the individual leader or teams put mindfulness in practice while addressing the organization's unique needs. Programs can be customized to include the right  mix of workshops,coaching and ongoing mindfulness meditation training and practice. 

Corporations and Associations, please schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with Rita.

Who Is This For?

  • Senior business leaders (Ex: C-suite, Executive Director, Founder, Executive Vice President).
  • You are a high achieving, decisive business leader; this offer is for people that are bumping into a serious roadblock in their otherwise stellar journey through life. 
  • You must be committed to action; that means you stay coachable, disciplined, and super curious. 
  • You want to feel calm and confident.
  • You want your family and team to benefit from your attention, clarity and thoughtfulness. 
  • You want to slow down naturally, while staying productive and effective through it all. 
  • You want to feel less threatened by uncertainty. 
  • You want to once again feel like a competent and successful leader.