Rita led a workshop on practicing mindful leadership for a group of corporate women's network leaders, and the discussion that she facilitated and tools and tips that she shared were invaluable.  Rita is able to drive high levels of engagement from participants and inspire action and positive change through her presentation style.  All individuals and organizations can benefit from learning the art of mindful leadership!

~Monica, COO, Technology Industry 

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Rita was very thoughtful in the structure and format of her sessions.  She balanced the flow well, allowing the attendees time to grasp the information and fully participate in the mindfulness exercises, while moving us along in the content. Attendees benefitted by having a centering exercise prior to digging into content because it set the tone about being present in the moment and in the session.  Although, it was her first time working at a Feeding America event, she strived to understand food banking and the type of attendee she would be interacting with at the conference.

~Rocio Diaz, Learning Specialist, Feeding America

  • 2018 CO IT Symposium 
  • 2018 Society for Information Management (SIM)-Women speaker
  • 2017 Society of Asian Engineers and Scientists (SASE) National Conference speaker 
  • 2017 Authentic Leadership Center, Naropa University "Foundations of Authentic Leadership" Faculty
  • Colorado Technology Association, 2017 Women in Tech Corporate Network  
  • Colorado Technology Association, 2017 Women in Tech Conference "Mindful Moments" 
  • Non-profit Institute 2017 Conference speaker
  • 2016 Denver Startup Week “Coaching for the Big Leagues” panel

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Our organizational goal for the event was to create a personal development learning opportunity around self-awareness and self-care. Very good prep experience working with Deva Seed, which included several telephone meetings, opportunity to scope presentation around specific team needs, and timeliness. Everything worked very well. There was good balance between teaching and listening to the group. The adjustments made around time and overall delivery were appreciated so that folks could be fully engaged.The  learning benefit was very high immediately following the workshop.

~Gaye, System Director Community Benefit, SCL Health

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The goal of the presentation was enhancing leadership skills.  I believe the biggest thing that most people walked away with was the idea of pausing before responding: pausing helps in so many ways…from preventing you from saying something that you could regret to making sure that you actually answer the question being asked. In a highly technical environment, it is very easy to get lost in the numbers, so it is a great skill to be able to take a second and step back to see the bigger picture.

~Nish, Employee Resource Group Board Member, Northrop Grumman

Deva Seed programs help the individual leader or teams put mindfulness in practice while addressing the organization's unique needs. Programs can be customized to include the right  mix of workshops,coaching and ongoing mindfulness meditation training and practice.