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The day after attending one of Rita's workshops, I had to organize a company meeting,  a situation that usually fills me with anxiety.  As the set-up was happening, my boss came over to see how I was doing.  When noticing how calm I was, he asked " Are you on medication?" (joking, of course).  My response was "No, I'm practicing mindfulness!" Because I was.  And it helps!  That is what working with Rita is like.  She is inspiring, generous, educational and meaningful!  

~Mary (High Tech Professional)

Meditation Training

Engage Now

It was a super busy start to the year with a lot of balls in the air.  I was excited to try and slow life down, and improve my focus.  I tried to keep pretty open minded about it as I had never done a program like this before.  It gave me useful information, tools, tips and most importantly for me, reminders to pause and practice.  I feel calm and more in control.

~Matthew (Entrepreneur)

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Mindfulness Meditation

What is it?

  • Mindfulness is being fully present to one's moment-by-moment experience. 
  • Effective, successful, leaders are required to produce more than just results; they are required to be strategic, to possess high integrity, assess complex situations, and communicate clearly.  Therefore, leaders require, among other skills, the skill of mindfulness. 
  • The practice of mindfulness provides leaders with the capacity to establish context when dealing with ever-present uncertainty and complexity.  It encourages intentional, thoughtful choices in a prevailing fast-paced environment.  It helps break harmful patterns of behavior and thought that negatively affect self-esteem, relationships and productivity.  It encourages empathy and compassion which promotes understanding, cooperation and collaboration.  It provides the required pause for well-being.

Deva Seed programs help the individual leader or teams put mindfulness in practice while addressing the organization's unique needs. Programs can be customized to include the right  mix of workshops,coaching and ongoing mindfulness meditation training and practice. 

Mindfulness meditation programs are designed as part of the coaching program, or as part of a customized corporate program.  

I found the importance of starting my day in stillness...if anyone has the opportunity to work with Rita, jump on it.

~Patsy (Healthcare Professional) 

I was feeling crazy busy as I had just wrapped up a launch and was headed into two weeks of training with my coach, amidst the "beginning of year" busy-ness.  Rita is a talented teacher and guide in the world of mindfulness.  She is a calming and wise being, and helps me slow down.  Over the past year of working with Rita, I have learned more about my own rhythm and how much I really love to make space for mindfulness in my life. I have learned that I'm more productive in my life when I am making mindfulness space. 

~Kami (Entrepreneur)​